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Study CAPM effectively


NEWinPM has recently become a SmartSheet partner.


Smartsheet is an Online Project Management Software that helps you learn Project Management and collaborate team work effectively. The reason NEWinPM take the SmartSheet approach is that it works similarly like a Microsoft Excel, but with additional functionality for sharing documents, managing activities, preparing charts and much more.


smartsheetLogoSmartSheet combines the power of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and SharePoint into a single application.Now all Microsoft Lovers would relish the fact that they need not switch to a completely new application.

In fact, it is not only for Microsoft users, but SmartSheet is so user friendly and easy to use that preparing for your CAPM would become a cake walk. It provides you with plenty of features to get organized and plan your work effectively.


To help students and professionals gain a deeper insight to SmartSheet, NEWinPM has brought in this unique approach to share the Project Management knowledge in a better way.

• Are you finding hard to manage your CAPM study?

• Are you not able to know how much to cover and how effectively to prepare for your CAPM?

• Do you still rely on paperwork and primitive methods of tracking your progress?

You will find the answers to all these questions with NEWinPM’s SmartSheet approach.


Track Progress

Study for your CAPM as if you were working in a real-time Project. The SmartSheet add-on by NEWinPM allows you to organize your study effectively.

What are the benefits to the students?

  • Organize your CAPM course
  • Update your work and daily study
  • Track the results of your preparation
  • Learn real-time Project Management


Snapshot of SmartSheet – An approach by NEWinPM




Every new student using the full plan membership, get a Blank New Sheet like the one above to start working online.

NEWinPM organizes your CAPM study in SmartSheet so that you can track your progress against the planned deadlines.

Each of the features in NEWinPM from Videos, Quiz, PMBOK study and Project Management Templates can be marked as you progress.

SmartSheet will ensure that you are rigorously following Project Management principles by working them through the SmartSheet.

As you progress in your preparation, you can add attachments to the course, insert discussion that you may want to have for that particular course and others.

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