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How does the CAPM exam look like?

If you are going for the Computer-Based-Test , the examination will look quiet similar to the exams you will find at JustCAPM.com


Tip: The time given for the tutorial session is too long, most of the time is given to explain what is in this post. In all center they give you some note papers and a pen. I used that time to write all the processes and main formulas down. That really saved me some thinking time during the examination!



Tool Bar 

You will be able to navigate through the questions, use the calculator, save the answers or flag them to come back later.

Question Number

Always 150 questions. In the real exam you will find an index with all question which displays the one that have been already solved and the ones that have been flagged to be review before submitting the exam.


The same as in our site you will need to click to select the right answer.


The format is always the same. Four possible answers are displayed and just one is correct.


Displayed always on the top of the page.


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