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Customer satisfaction

What we do?

NEWinPM is a modern e-learning site founded in January 2013. Since then, we have been helping students from all over the world to better prepare the CAPM certification.

In order to provide the best service and keep our material updated, we constantly get feedback from our students.

Feedback from 3 different sources:

1) Emails and comments in our forums: Students like to write and share their experience once they have succeed in the exam

2) A survey embed in the ITTO's Game: When the student launch the game and make 30 questions, we ask to fill a short survey. Access the survey here

3) After the exam:  In the registration form the student gives us an estimate date for his exam. After that date, we send a survey to get his feedback. Access the survey here

How are we doing?

All the feedback we get from our students, we make it public and everyone can access it.

1)Emails and comments in our forums

You can find all the comments we received in the link below. 




2)ITTO's Games

You can find all the results in the link below. 

 Access all results.

3)Survey after the exam. (New)

You can find all the results in the link below. Notice this survey have been implemented in June.

Access all results


All our surveys are done and stored in Google Drive

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Contact us



  Email: info@newinpm.com