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CAPM, a Step to Project Management


“Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art” – Greg Cimmarrusti


There has always been a curiosity among the professional community to find out how to get into the shoes of Management. We have seen people looking for alternatives in their career front where they dive in for opportunities that promote them to management roles.

This blog will help all those crazy enthusiasts who want to get into the shoes of managing projects.


Management Ladder

So before starting, let’s do a quick analysis of whether you are the right candidate for CAPM

  •  Does Project Management interest you?
  •  Are you looking in getting into management roles?
  •  Do you think you have the expertise, but lack a platform to get into Project Management?

If your answer is YES for all of them, then we say you are a suitable candidate for CAPM.


What is CAPM?

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management. It is an entry level examination from the PMI (Project Management Institute) for those who want to build their career ladders in Project Management. The entire syllabus of the CAPM is built around the PMI methodology and is elaborated in the PMBOK guide (Project Management Book of Knowledge).

PMI has extended this very useful certification for those who want to start their careers in Project Management. This certification would give you a broad picture of what Project Management is and how it can be leveraged in your professional live, so that you can get started with your brand new career.


Will CAPM help me in my Career Progress?

If you have been wondering if a CAPM will help you progress in your career, then answer is obviously YES.

The best part of this certification is that you do not need  to have special skill or professional experience prior to applying for this. In fact, CAPM is quite flexible for all those who need to kick start their careers in Project Management and have little experience in project undertaking.

However, you would need the basic requirements set by the PMI to quality for this certification:

A secondary degree (high school diploma or the global equivalent) AND at least 1,500 hours of project experience


23 hours of project management education by the time you sit for the exam. (It is not required to have this hours from a PMI REP, most of people do not know that)



How does NEWinPM help you to prepare for your CAPM?

NEWinPM is an e-learning platform that helps beginners to achieve their Project Management certifications. We offer you the latest PMI course with the PMBOK latest edition and provide innovative learning approaches. Some of our innovative learning approaches are:


Classes in NEWinPM are offered both in theoretical and video formats that help beginners understand the processes of the Project Management Body of Knowledge! The videos are greatly informative and showcase detail examples to help people understand the concepts better.


They are based on the latest edition of the PMBOK ® Guide. You will find questions related to specific chapters after each class. Once you are done with the classes take one of our 4 final exams!


The community support and meeting forum of NEWinPM is built up of a bunch of fellow students to guide and answer Project Management related questions. The forum offers a dynamic place for students and professional to meet, share their thoughts, new ideas, answer questions and provide useful information that would benefit the NEWinPM community.

Mobile Friendly

NEWinPM study center is mobile friendly and accessible from all your portable devices such as mobile phones, tables and laptops. The company launched its first mobile app named “ITTO MEM PRO”, a game that enables easy learning and memorizing the ITTOs from the PMBOK latest edition from PMI. 


Smart Sheet! The Smart way of Preparing for CAPM!

Smart Sheet is an Online Project Management Software that helps you track and monitor project management activities with so much ease. 

NEWinPM leverages Smart Sheet as a part of its curriculum to help beginners prepare for their CAPM. We do not believe in just preparing you for your CAPM, but give you the flexibility and freedom to learn and see real-time project management. 


"NEWINPM. Helping you manage, your project management education."




All our students get a blank sheet to customize their study plan. You will be able to change the beggining of this "PROJECT" , the estimate activity duration and update all the info to keep on track your preparation.


Does all this excite you? Grab the opportunity, choose a membership at NEWINPM  and take a ride to prepare CAPM smartly.


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