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5th Edition Exam - Feedback

As the new PMBOK 5th edition has been recently released and there are a lot of questions regarding how the CAPM exam looks like.

As you may probably know, every time one of our students take the exam, we automatically send an email to get their feedback about our site and the exam in general.

Find below a few comments from students that have passed the CAPM un July - August 2013.


Natalie from Switzerland

Hello Mauricio, yes I well passed CAPM beginning of July. There were lots of questions regarding ITTO and few questions on chapter 1/2/3. need to learn by heart ITTO and we are fine. Thanks for your internet site which help me a lot. Regards Nathalie


JP Swart from South Africa

Afternoon Mauricio Thank you very much and especially for the help via the website. Questions on the first 3 chapters, I did have a few - found them quite easy. I had a good understanding on the integration process which helped alot. Most questions were on principles of the ITTOs yes. I think what made the NEWinPM exam a bit more tricky was the situational questions that I am guessing is more applicale to the PMP. My experience of the CAPM was that the questions were alot straightforward and not many were more than 2 lines. I would surely like to get involved if there is opportunities. I am passionate about education and educating and I think that this website is truly one of its kind. Please forward me any details that would get me in the loop. Kind regards JP Swart


Solomon from France.

Hello, I have just completed the survey. Yeah, I got a few questions on Organizational structure (Projectized, Weak Matrix...). So it would be necessary for anyone preparing to also study Chapters 1 and 2 while studying the PMBOK. The questions were not even as difficult as the Sample tests on NEWinPM...virtually everything on NEWinPMcovered the exam questions; the video classes, ITTOs games, articles, formulas were just so helpful. Reading the PMBOK and signing up on NEWinPM is just all you need to pass the exam. Cheers!


Chuck from USA

Thank you for providing a product to study for the CAPM. Last Tuesday, I decided to pull a dumb move and schedule the CAPM exam without fully understanding what effort was actually required to pass. After I paid the exam fees and set the date for the following Wednesday (next week), I started to research the CAPM difficulty. Needless to say, I entered panic mode. In my defense, I am graduating with a Masters in Project Management in the fall however, the program does not promise a PMP pass or CAPM pass. A couple of days later, I became a member of your website and studied and insane (60-80 hours) amount of time sacrificing sleep and leisure. End result, I passed...it was ugly but, it is DONE!

Keys to success....ITTOs is King!

Review the "Articles" and "Tips and Tricks" section. Due to my profession I take a lot of tests. I will echo that your first answer is probably the most correct answer. I was able to narrow down possibilities to two and from there I made an educated guess. Once again, it was ugly but, it's done and over with.


Stay tunned

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