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Validate Scope VS Quality Control

Validate Scope VS Quality Control: We know terms like inspection, testing or walk through is done to ensure that the deliverables meet the specified requirements. But are you aware that there are 2 project management processes that are involved in inspecting deliverables?


Although Validate Scope(5.5) and Control Quality(8.3) have much in common, but they are not same. The project manager must be aware of this difference. The relationship between activities of both of the processes needs to be thoughtfully planned and managed. These two processes coordinate based on the nature of project, requirement of stakeholders and monitor and control need of the project manager.

There are several key differences between these two processes such as:

  • What is the purpose of each process?
  • Who performs the process?
  • What the deliverables are viewed against?
  • When the process is performed?

The quality control team performs testing of deliverable at the close of each of the project phase ( phases could be several based on project/product complexity). Testing effort is done to ensure that no bug/error remain undetected and pass to next project phase. Quality control team uses mainly two types of requirements against which quality is measured:

  1. Functional requirements: Quality checklist to verify that all modules function properly.
  2. Organization quality standard and policies.

On other hand in validate scope process before the finalized product can be considered officially signed off as complete, the project manager must review the ‘verified deliverables’ with the customer or sponsor. If they are satisfactorily completed, formal acceptance will be provided by the customer or sponsor based on the acceptance criteria. Note that ‘acceptance criteria’ is a part of scope management plan through ‘project scope statement’. Validate scope activities can be referred as user acceptance testing (UAT) and is so important that without it project cannot be closed.

The Validate Scope versus Control Quality processes can be differentiated as below:


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