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Quality Management - PMBOK

qualityCAPMQuality is one such that we always look for. When it comes to organizations and their project management, quality plays a leading role in transforming the known objectives into rock solid deliverables that not only pave the way to better results, but ensures that the Quality Standards are met appropriately and within the dedicated time.

Quality Management is a process or a chain of activities that assist the project development team in an organization to meet the Quality Standards, Procedures and Guidelines defined by it. It not only helps the project team overcome the quality challenges that customers expect, but ensures a sustainable and continuous quality improvement as and when the project progresses. Well, it is imperative that the following the quality standards will not only help the organization, but bring together a strong relationship with the customer too.

There are 3 pillars to the Quality Management process which are defined for any organization irrespective of their nature, size or industry. Each of these 3 pillars to the Quality Management ensures that the project requirements are met and validated as per the guidelines set by the quality standards.

Plan Quality Management

The Plan Quality Management is the 1st process of the Project Quality Management. It lays down the set of criteria, the process that will attach itself to the project and its deliverables and then controls the project in a timely fashion, ensuring that projects comply with the quality requirements.

Perform Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance activities are part and parcel of most of the industries today. QA activities are undertaken in the form of audits that may be either Internal or External to an organization. When it comes to Internal auditing, the QA department of the Organization handles the quality check process, while when it comes to External, an external QA vendor is hired to perform the quality assurance process for the projects that are briefed. The auditing function here ensures that the appropriate quality standards are met as lay down by the quality control process. This is one such pillar that protects the project and works hand-in-hand to enable the projects to get delivered better to the customers.

Control Quality

Controlling the project quality may take place throughout the project. It is one of those processes that monitors and captures the results of quality standard implementation in projects. Moreover, this process may point out necessary changes that many need to be implemented with respect to quality and ensure that the project delivers right performance in accordance with the quality standards that both the organizations and customers expect. On an overall front, Quality Standards not only ensure quality deliverables, but cover the organization from any impending losses related to cost, rework and efforts.

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