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Process Group (Useful tips for CAPM)

Topic: Process Groups

Importance: 10 (Cannot emphasize the importance of this topic!)

Chapter: 3 (and spreads over the whole book)


As discussed on my last blog (Knowledge Areas), there are 10 knowledge areas that align with 5 process groups.


capm certification memorizeThe 10 knowledge areas are:

  1. - Project Integration Management
  2. - Project Scope Management
  3. - Project Time Management
  4. - Project Cost Management
  5. - Project Quality Management
  6. - Project Human Resources Management
  7. - Project Communications Management
  8. - Project Risk Management
  9. - Project Procurement Management
  10. - Project Stakeholder Management.

The 5 process groups are:

  1. - Initiating Process Group
  2. - Planning Process Group
  3. - Executing Process Group
  4. - Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
  5. - Closing Process Group

If you can memorize the matrix (image in the post before this), you’ve literally covered at least 60% of the exam, and that makes things much easier to study. A technique to fill up the matrix would be to break down the knowledge areas into smaller parts and filling them up according to the process groups.

You can start by listing the 10 knowledge areas on the left hand side (use the mnemonic device explained last week to fill this up) and 5 process groups on the top.


capm certification tip 1


Once you’ve done this, go ahead and fill up the activities that easily correspond to the knowledge areas. For instance, “plan risk management” is an activity in project risk management knowledge area. This would not belong in any other area, so enter this in the project risk management part of the matrix. Then, think about what this activity is; this is called “plan risk management,” which means it would be in the PLANning process group. The process group’s name gives away the other part of the answer. If the activity has the word “plan” in it, it has to be in the planning process group.

 capm certification tip 2

Next, fill out the two activities in the closing process group (there’s only two: close project and close procurements) and the two activities in initiating process group (develop charter and identify stakeholders).

 capm certification tip 3

For the rest, try to memorize the ones that would go in the monitoring and controlling process group, the planning process group (other than the ones that say “plan” in it), and the executing process group. Once you get this technique down, practice filling up the matrix as much as possible. It’s guaranteed to help out with this exam more than anything!

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