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Communications Model

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."

Peter Drucker


Communication in today’s world lays the bridge between 2 parties. It is one of the strongest weapons that carry along with itself information from a sender to a receiver. There is always a medium for transmitting information from one person to another.

We classify the medium of transmission in 2 ways.

• Physical Medium (Meetings, Personal Interactions, Conferences etc.)

• Electronic / Mechanical Medium (Emails, Social Media, SMS etc.)

Whatever the medium is, there is a standard of transmitting information which is common to any communication channel in the world.



comunication model


The communication between 2 people as you see in the diagram follows a basic principle of Encoding and Decoding

• Sender Encode: The sender of information first translates his thoughts and ideas i.e. he encodes his thoughts to be transmitted.

• Transmit Message: The encoded message from the sender is transmitted through the Communications Medium (Email, SMS, and Conversation etc.) to the Receiver.

• Receiver Decode: The information/message received is decoded i.e. translated back into a form that the receiver can understand the idea behind the message

• Acknowledge: Once a receiver receives the message, he/she may respond back to the sender giving a confirmation of the receipt of the message.

• Feedback/Response: The receiver might want to give a feedback or a response to the message that he received to the sender.


The whole communication process revolves around the Communication Medium that acts as an interface between the sender and the receiver.

However it is important to choose the right communication medium that has less disturbance so that your message is sent clearly to the receiver.

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